Shoe Specifications and Sizing

Sound Horse Technologies Series I™ products are built on Victory forged aluminum shoes.

The Morrison “Roller Motion” shoes are individually machined from aluminum alloy plate.

Flat, Wedge (2°), Hind, Race Plates & Morrison shoes are available in the Series I cuffed configuration.

Size Chart

The Sigafoos Series adhesive-bonded horseshoe system is a different type of nail-free, horseshoe. This patented design allows a farrier or veterinarian to safely shoe a horse that has a less than ideal hoof wall. The shoe incorporates a variety of advanced technology materials and benefits that are not available with conventional horseshoes.

Adhesive technology benefits the horse in a number of ways. Adhesives combined with the patented cuff system distribute the load of attachment over a broad area, reducing the focal stresses typical of nails. Adhesives can replace areas of hoof wall that are lost, allowing the hoof to regain a complete, continuous weight-bearing area. Adhesives also allow a shoe to be attached to a hoof that has a very thin wall when a nail-on-shoe would compromise the sensitive tissue.

This design allows the farrier or veterinarian to take advantage of the latest advances in materials science technology, including shock attenuation, weight reduction, and composite technology. These advances have been extremely effective in the prevention and treatment of a variety of difficult to manage lameness problems.

Series I –  Application Instructions

Each Series I horseshoe is built with an integral inch thick, high durometer, urethane rim pad which acts to reduce the impact load on the horse’s hoof and leg. The shock-attenuating benefits of the rim pad are delivered without the typical problems associated with fitting and attachment. Because the urethane pad is an integral part of the Series I design it does not compromise the strength and durability of the attachment system.

The Series I adhesive-bonded horseshoe comes pre-assembled and ready to use. The shoe is an aluminum, Victory Elite Competition Flat and is permanently bonded to the polyurethane rim pad which holds the braided fabric cuff. The Series I shoe can be cold-worked and formed as can conventional shoes.

The Series I shoe comes in seven different sizes, 00 thru 3, and can be cold-worked and formed to fit the horse’s hoof in the same manner as a conventional horseshoe. It is easily able to be drilled and tapped and can be cut and shaped with standard farrier tools. Everything needed to apply the Series I shoe comes conveniently packaged in the Sound Horse Technologies™ shoe kit.

Series II  –  Application Instructions

More versatile than the Series I, the Sigafoos Series II is a modular shoeing system that allows fabrication of any shape required. The basic design consists of two components (plate & cuffs) that can be readily sized, shaped, and assembled in shop or field by the farrier or veterinarian. The 3/16 inch thick aluminum alloy plate can be cut to shape with a hand held, sabre saw and drilled and tapped for studs. Fabrication time for a pair of custom-shaped/fitted shoes is approximately 1/2 that which is required for steel. The patented Series II system is designed to address the more difficult therapeutic cases. As with the Sigafoos Series I horseshoes, Series II comes as a kit with everything needed to apply the finished shoe conveniently packaged.