Series III™ Shoe Kit

The “universal glue-on cuff system” is US patent pending.

The Series III ™ “universal glue-on system” (patent pending) is designed to allow the farrier to utilize any shoe, any shape, any size, any material (steel or aluminum or ABS). This “system” is attached to a formed/shaped shoe using a “slow-set” ACRYLIC adhesive available from farrier suppliers. Increased reliability (over a “direct glue-on” process) is delivered through the stronger metal-to-metal adhesive bond. The Series III glue-on joint is stronger because you are gluing a metal shoe to the slotted aluminum plate on the cuff. This “metal-to-metal” bond delivers the maximum attachment strength available. When the Series III assembly is cured, it is attached to the hoof in the same way as the regular Sound Horse Series I shoe (see Series I instructions).

After the shoe assembly has been prepared, it is attached to the hoof by saturating the fabric with ACRYLIC adhesive. The shoe is then stretch-wrapped in place for about 10 minutes. The horse is fully weight-bearing immediately after the shoe is applied. Full work can resume within 20+ minutes, however, we recommend the horse stay out of mud and water for 4+ hours. Other than conventional farrier tools, no special equipment is needed to apply the Series I shoes. Everything needed to apply the “glue-on” shoe is packaged in the Sound Horse™ shoe kit.

Detailed instructions with photographs
Series III Detailed Instructions

The Video
The video presentation shows the fabrication, application and removal of Series III



The video is also available in DVD format, please contact us to request a copy.