Fracture Plates

During the past 10 years, an increasing number of coffin bone fractures have been diagnosed in young foals. Whether this increase is due to the use of better digital X-ray technology or because of breeding practices is unclear. It may be that these fractures have always occurred and were previously ascribed to an abscess or random lameness. These fractures, however, appear to be closely linked to:

  1. The age of the foal
  2. A “correction” created with medial/lateral extensions
  3. Out-of-balance trimming

Each of the above may be aggravated by the terrain conditions where the foals live.

Fracture Shoes to address this issue have frequently been made by modifying an aluminum M/L extension to generate a symmetrical shape with a wide web. The aluminum shoe configuration permits an easy fit and, after application with adhesive to “lock up” the foot, most foals with a coffin bone fracture problem will walk off sound. Using the Fracture Shoe frequently also means that management does not have to keep the foal on stall rest to allow healing.

SoundHorse Fracture Shoes are sized to fit foals in the age group that appears to be most likely to have coffin bone fractures occur.

IN FOUR SIZES: 2, 3, 4, 5