Foal Traxx

Foal Traxx is a completely customizable foal shoe for medial, lateral, and/or heel extension support.

Ergonomic Design & Completely Customizable

Foal Traxx is customizable for medial, lateral, and/or heel extension support- easily remove excess material with your tool of choice.

Form Fitting Cuff

Flexible form-fitting cuff allows for hoof expansion.

Unique Heel & Frog Support

Allows for easier and more accurate placement while providing heel and frog support in the developing hoof.

Thoughtfully Designed with the Young Horse in Mind

Patterned ground surface provides traction. Foal Traxx for ages 2-3 months features a metal endoskeleton that supports the hoof.
Available In: Sizes: 0-30 Days Old & 30-60 Days Old