Bar Modifications


Bar Modifications to Series I Horseshoes

From – Chris Penola of Newtown, PA
Date – 3 Aug 06

Bill, As I described to you on the phone some weeks past, I really believe in the added benefit of your bolt on plate/bar for Series I shoe modification. I modify almost all my Series I shoes in this manner. You might be interested in the pics below. Forgive the quality of the photography, I shot the pics with my cell phone! This horse was dead lame on this foot. He had extensive damage to wall in the toe quarter and a conjoining sole abscess. We soaked and packed him and we were able to drain the abscess but the missing wall was down to sensitive tissue. After a few days in a clean stall the damaged area had dried and begun to toughen up. His foot was also very short and in general, sore. I was afraid to cover the damaged area so I used the Sound Horse farrier shears to cut the cuff from the shoe in the toe quarter. I shaped the shoe and bolted on the bar. I was careful during the application to keep the cut cuff in place, it all worked out and it adhered perfectly. After I took the picture I stuffed copper-sulfate treated impression material (yours) [2-part silicone putty] under the bars. The horse was instantly comfortable and sound the next day.