SOUNDHORSE Glue-On Horseshoes are farrier-designed, university patented, clinically tested, and competitively proven.

The only glue-on horseshoe to combine a forged aluminum shoe with a urethane shock-absorbing rim pad and the strongest, safest attachment system. A fast, reliable, proven way to shoe sore-footed horses or those with compromised hooves.

 Successfully Shoe Damaged Hooves Without Nails

Damaged Hoof

“Frodo” – Start

Damaged Hoof after 4 weeks of being shod with SoundHorse glue on horseshoes.

“Frodo” – After 4 Weeks

Horses can be kept in full work while they grow healthy hooves with the use of SoundHorse’s Sigafoos Series™ glue-on horseshoes. Many owners use the Series I™ Shoe prophylactically to avoid problems caused by nails. Click here to view more Nail versus Glue-On pictures.

SoundHorse Glue-on Horseshoes are Unmatched in Shock Reduction Capability

The built-in quarter-inch polyurethane rim pad on the SoundHorse glue-on horseshoe provides superior shock reduction:

  • Sore-footed horses immediately start to move better
  • Twice as thick as a typical competitive pad
  • Will not take a compression set
  • Unaffected by wet, dry, hot or cold environments
  • Maintains superior properties throughout the entire shoeing interval

Clinically Proven for Treating Damaged Hoofs

Fabric cuff a proven success in getting sore-footed horses back to work fast.

Fabric Cuff

The Sigafoos Series™ horseshoes are the only glue-on horseshoes that are clinically proven for treating most “sore feet” problems. The adhesive-bonded, fabric cuff system has over 20 years of proven success in getting sore-footed horses back to work fast. These glue-on horseshoes can be used on horses with thin, cracked, broken, brittle or shelly hooves and those exhibiting a sensitivity to nails. These Sigafoos Series™ shoes are regularly & successfully used by the most competitive of horses in world-class events in every discipline.

Fast & Simple Application

The Sigafoos Series I™ glue-on horseshoe system is fast & simple. It is fitted to the horse’s hoof just like a conventional horseshoe. The aluminum Series I™ can be easily cold-formed and shaped with conventional farrier tools.

The glue-on horseshoe is quickly and securely bonded to the hoof wall by saturating the fabric with the acrylic adhesive regularly used by farriers. The shoe is then stretch-wrapped to the hoof for 8-10 minutes while the adhesive sets – there is no need to hold the hoof off the floor. Using the stretch wrap system, the horse is fully weight-bearing immediately after the shoe is applied and full work can resume shortly after the horse is shod.

Excellent Attachment StrengthStrong Attachment with No Risk to Hoof Integrity

The patented cuff attachment system uses acrylic adhesives to bond to the entire hoof wall safely generating twice the holding strength of nails. The strongest attachment possible – particularly with cracked, thin, broken, brittle, and shelly feet – is achieved with no glue on the bottom of the hoof and no risk to hoof integrity. This is the best method to overcome your horse’s sensitivity to nails.

No Special Equipment Required

Other than conventional farrier tools, no special equipment is required. Everything needed to apply the glue-on horseshoes come conveniently packaged in the SoundHorse horseshoe kits.