Series III™ Universal Glue-on Cuff

Series IIIReliably glue-on any shoe, any shape, any size or any material (steel or aluminum). Plus Plates available (8 x 12 x 3/16 aluminum) in plain, treaded and tread-wedge.

IN FIVE SIZES: 000, 0, 1, 2, 5

The Series III™ (patent pending) universal “glue-on” cuff system is designed to allow the farrier use any shoe he has in the shop or the truck – steel or aluminum. Use standard acrylic repair adhesives and get all the unique performance benefits of the original and patented SoundHorse Series I shoes – secure & reliable hoof attachment with a fabric-cuff and a shock-absorbing urethane rim pad.

The plasma-cut aluminum plate allows the farrier to quickly & easily hand-shape the cuff to fit the shoe and also provides a secure metal-to-metal bond for best possible “glue-on” attachment strength to the horseshoe.

The glue-on system is stronger because you first glue the metal shoe to metal plate and not directly to an organic material (hoof). The attachment to the hoof wall is with the reliable & proven SoundHorse Series I cuff system used for over 15 years.

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Series III