Direct Glue Application Methods (Video & Photo)

[revised Sept 2018]

Flexx® horseshoes by Sound Horse are built with a rugged, hi-temperature, thermoset urethane and, unlike competitive shoes, contain an abrasive grit located at the ground surfaces (pat’d) that improves wear, grip & traction. The Flexx® direct-glue shoe complements our cuffed Series I, II, III Sound Horse No Nails™ horseshoes used for both therapeutic & performance applications.

ALSO — Flexx® direct-glue shoes are all built with grABS (pat’d) on the hoof side to deliver better bond strength than other competitive products without the need for time consuming surface prep.


  1. Remove rubber bands
  2. Apply Adhesive (Acrylic or Urethane)
    • No surface prep required
    • No surface prep recommended

grABS ™ delivers 4-5x more bond strength

APPLICATION — Each farrier we meet has a different method that they assure us is the best way to reliably apply “direct glue” shoes. Beyond the basics — clean, dry & prepped shoe & hoof — we will not recommend one method over another as the steps are highly individualized. The following clips show some methods that will work with aluminum and/or non-metallic shoes. Practice & experience appear to be the key contributors to success. If you like these processes – you’ll like the performance & price of Flexx® by Sound Horse.

  1. Curtis Burns applies his Polyflex shoes
  2. Rusty Freeman – application steps for aluminum horseshoe (this is very complete)
  3. Glue on an Aluminum Horseshoe (using acrylic glue) – Spike’s Farrier
  4. Direct Glue of Aluminum Shoe – clear YouTube video
  5. Doug Anderson (2008) re: Ed Watson’s technique (lots of acrylic glue)
  6. Glue on Aluminum Horseshoe (1998 article with pictures)
  7. Pro-Glu videos (urethane for their shoes)
  8. Photo Story – Glue on with Happy Hoofwear Horseshoes (an arduous process)