Features & Benefits

Forged Aluminum Shoes by Victory

  • Cold Shaping Capability & Good Wear Characteristics
  • Sport Shoes – ELITE in Competition Flat, Hind & 2 Wedge
  • Race Shoes – Queens Plate, XLT, Outer Rim

Inch Thick Urethane Rim Pad

  • Excellent Shock Reduction
  • 2x Thicker Than Competition
  • Absorbs No Water
  • Will Not Take a Compression Set (continues to absorb shock)
  • Bonded to Shoe (will not move or shift)

Concaved Relief on Rim Pad

  • No Sole Contact

Heel Flats on Urethane Rim Pad

  • Allows Farrier to Fit Shoe Fuller
  • Allows Natural Heel Action
  • Provides Excellent Shock Reduction

2-Ply Fabric Cuff Attachment

  • Non-Mechanical Attachment to Hoof Wall (“no-nails”)
  • No “Glue” on the Bottom of Hoof
  • Reinforce & Stabilize Thin, Brittle & Weak Hoof Walls
  • Reinforce & Stabilize Cracks
  • Flexible Cuff Allows Natural Hoof Wall Expansion
  • Heel is Free to Move Naturally

Adhesive Attachment

  • Epoxy-Methylmethacrylate “Glue” [EquAcrylic]
  • Secure & Reliable Attachment
  • 2x Stronger Attachment than Eight (8) Clinched Nails
  • Shoes Stay On Until YOU Choose to Remove Them!


  • Reduced shock to hoof & joints during hard training
  • Reduced concussion on dry, hard surfaces
  • Allows Natural Hoof & Heel Expansion
  • Useful for Jumpers, Event, Race & All Competitive Horses


  • Horse is Comfortable & Back to Work – Now!