Notes regarding the Adhesive:

The cure profile for most methyl methacrylate adhesives that are used for hoof repair provides about 60% – 70% of the ultimate bond strength after about 10 minutes post mixing (at 70 degrees F), with ultimate bond strength achieved at twelve hours. Higher temperatures will accelerate the cure and reduce your working time before set begins to occur. Ambient temperature less than 70 degrees F will increase the cure time. Under these conditions, it is desirable to warm the pre-polymer and hardener slightly prior to mixing to accelerate the cure time. With these advanced adhesives, horses can be allowed to bear weight immediately after the shoe is applied if stretch wrap is used to hold the shoe. The horse can be returned to work 20 to 30 minutes following shoeing. If possible, it is helpful to avoid exposure to dirt and water for twelve hours after application of the adhesive-bonded shoes.

Note: Always wear rubber gloves (supplied in the kit) when working with the methacrylate adhesives.

In using the 100 ml bi-component adhesive pack supplied by Sound Horse Technologies, first remove the separator clip and squeeze the pre-polymer and hardener for about 5-10 seconds in the sealed pack to start the mixing. Slit one end and completely squeeze the contents into a mixing cup (supplied shoe kit), add black pigment if required, and continue mixing with the wooden blade for 5-10 seconds. Apply adhesive as per the shoeing instructions. Note: you have approximately 3 minutes in hot weather to apply the adhesive and complete the process before the adhesive begins to set (stiffen up). Cooler temperatures will extend the adhesive set-up time.