SoundHorse champions Equine Welfare With Innovative Hoof Care Solutions, Raising The Bar with Every Stride

Industry Recognized for Over 40 Years

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide value to the equine community through innovative therapeutic hoof care products. We lead the industry with advanced product development, cutting-edge education, and a strong commitment to enhancing equine welfare. SoundHorse prides itself on elevating the standard of hoof care and improving equine performance worldwide.

Our Story

Seeing the need for a better attachment system when nails weren't an option, Rob Sigafoos teamed up with the New Bolton Center in 1983 to develop a solution. After years of trial and error, the Sigafoos fabric cuff was patented.

Since then, tens of thousands of horses have been helped, lives saved, and SoundHorse was born.

In 2022, Rood & Riddle Equine Hospital was approached with the opportunity to acquire the brand that had since become a staple in their equine podiatry practice.

The Rood & Riddle team saw the potential and wanted to ensure the product line remained available to hoof-care providers, horses, and their owners.

Honoring Rob Sigafoos's pioneering spirit, the SoundHorse team champions equine welfare with innovative hoof care solutions, raising the bar with every stride.

Hoof-care providers worldwide have created solutions with Sigafoos that were previously not feasible, allowing horses of all breeds and disciplines to continue their careers.

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