Sigafoos Sport Outer Rim

This American front pattern shoe was designed with a high outside rim for the thoroughbred racehorse to stand level.

This American front pattern shoe was designed with a high outside rim for the thoroughbred racehorse to stand level. For use on all surfaces, with a blue performance rim pad and a toe grab extending 2 mm above the outside rim. Shoes are sold by the pair. Kits include elastic wrap, plastic wrap, mixing cups, tongue depressors, and gloves. Glue is sold separate.
• Wide web provides support and protection
• Deep swedge improves traction
• Seated out for sole pressure relief
•Tempered and forged


Sigafoos Sport Outer Rim
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Fabric Cuff

By covering the entire hoof wall, the unique fabric cuff provides a stronger bond than direct-glued shoes, other indirect glue shoes, and nails. This cuff also allows for attachment to compromised hooves, particularly those that are cracked, thin, brittle or shelly without risking hoof integrity.

Rim Pad

A urethane, concave rim pad provides extra cushion, floats sore heels, and eliminates sole-contact. Available in performance blue or therapeutic black, the black urethane has three times the shock absorbing performance. Neither rim pad will fatigue, compress, or lose its cushioning effect over a shoeing cycle.


With the exception of forging and welding, Sigafoos are completely customizable and can be shaped and fit just like a traditional nail-on steel or aluminum shoe. Add a heart bar or treatment plate, use with a leather pad, or drill and tap.


Why Sigafoos?

With a superior attachment hold, Sigafoos offers all the benefits of an aluminum shoe and then some. Shape and customize them as you would a traditional nail-on aluminum shoe with the benefits of a shock absorbing rim pad.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which rim pad should I use? +

The performance blue rim pad has a higher durometer of 90 shore A and is typically used in performance settings. The black therapeutic rim pad is softer with a durometer of 60 shore A, giving it 3 times the shock absorption. This rim pad is typically used in very sore horses with therapeutic or clinical needs. Neither rim pad will take a compression set during any shoeing interval.

How long will Sigafoos last? +

With proper preparation, the bond between the Sigafoos cuff and hoof wall is quite resilient. We strongly advise only leaving them on for the standard 4-8 week cycle.

How do I shape Sigafoos? +

We only recommend cold shaping and advise using caution not to generate too much heat when grinding as excess heat can degrade the bond between the shoe and rim pad.

What glue should I use? +

We strongly recommend using an acrylic based adhesive, such as EquAcrylic.

“The natural shape of the SoundHorse Evolution has helped La Belle SCF to develop better angles, alignment, and breakover. I feel a huge difference in her balance in the turns and power off the ground.”

Summer H.

I wanted to thank SoundHorse for making a wonderful shoe. They are wonderful. I can foxhunt with confidence now and not worry about losing shoes and my horse's feet are protected.

John Scott Durbin