Flexx Sport

Designed for horses in training and competition that may benefit from a direct-glue horseshoe

With a rolled toe and branches for ease of breakover, designed for horses in training and competition that may benefit from a direct-glue horseshoe. Available in a front or hind pattern. Sold by the pair.


Flexx Sport
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Inner wire

Located adjacent to the crease, an inner wire allows the shoe to be shaped and fit to the hoof, while maintaining flexibility.


ABS beads on the hoof side of the shoe generates a remarkably strong and reliable adhesive bond by increasing the surface area of the shoe. There is no shoe prep necesessary.

Thermoset urethane with GRIT

Hardened grit on the ground surface of the shoes increases durability and improves traction. Thermoset urethane provides better durability than standard plastic glue-ons. Flexx will wear just like an aluminum shoe and last just as long.


Why Flexx?

Exactly as the name implies, Flexx shoes flex and move with the heels and hoof capsule. This direct glue shoe is 40% lighter than an aluminum shoe with the same dimensions. Thermoset urethane provides better concussion reduction than aluminum and steel. A low profile provides better frog to ground contact than typical direct-glue shoes. These features allow for natural hoof growth and function.

Frequently Asked Questions

How are Flexx applied? +

Flexx should be applied as a direct-glue on shoe using acrylic adhesives.

Can Flexx be drilled and tapped? +

Yes, Flexx will generate adequate locking for typical stud applications. The encapsulated wire ends with the crease to permit room for drilling and tapping.

How are Flexx shaped? +

Flexx can easily be shaped by hand. If more extensive work is needed to shape the shoe, use a hammer and anvil or stall jack. The polyurethane elastomers will not break or fracture. Do not use heat to shape these shoes as heat significantly degrades the urethane and can generate a noxious gas.

“The natural shape of the SoundHorse Evolution has helped La Belle SCF to develop better angles, alignment, and breakover. I feel a huge difference in her balance in the turns and power off the ground.”

Summer H.

I wanted to thank SoundHorse for making a wonderful shoe. They are wonderful. I can foxhunt with confidence now and not worry about losing shoes and my horse's feet are protected.

John Scott Durbin