Sigafoos Universal Cuff Instructions



NOTE: Do not heat the cuff.

  1. Cut cuff down to the appropriate size.
  2. Shape cuff to the shoe.
  3. Fold the cuff down to keep it clear of your drill bit. Pre-drill screw holes starting at the toe and working down the branches and to the heel. Holes should be placed through the aluminum (not through the holes or gaps in the aluminum) approximately every inch.
    1. NOTE: Make sure pilot holes do not line up with the crease or nail holes in the shoe.
  4. If attaching the cuff to anything but metal shoes, skip to step 5. If attaching to a metal shoe:
    1. With the cuff still folded down, align the cuff to the shoe. Mark the first hole you made at the toe on the shoe.
    2. Screw or rivet the cuff to the shoe through that pilot hole. This will hold your cuff to the shoe while you drill the rest of your pilot holes. Finish drilling your pilot holes in the shoe based on the pre-drilled holes in the cuff.
  5. Using self tapping screws or rivets, attach the cuff to the shoe, ensuring that the screw heads are countersunk flush with the cuff rim pad. Drywall screws work well for plastic clogs, while a phillips flat head self tapping screw works well for aluminum or steel shoes. Grind off excess screw length on the ground surface.
  6. Apply the shoe according to Sigafoos application instructions (link to that page).
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