Direct Glue Application Methods (Video & Photo)

[assembled April 2015]

Flexx® horseshoes by Sound Horse are built with a rugged, hi-temperature, thermoset urethane and, unlike competitive shoes, contain an abrasive grit located at the ground surfaces (pat. pend.) that improves wear & grip (traction). The Flexx® direct-glue shoe will complement our cuffed Series I, II, III Sound Horse No Nails™ horseshoes used for both therapeutic & performance applications.

Each farrier we meet has a different method that they assure us is the best way to reliably apply “direct glue” shoes. Beyond the basics — clean, dry & prepped shoe & hoof — we will not recommend one method over another as the steps are highly individualized. The following clips show some methods that will work with aluminum and/or non-metallic shoes. Practice & experience appear to be the key contributors to success. If you like these processes – you’ll like the performance & price of Flexx® by Sound Horse.

  1. Curtis Burns applies his Polyflex shoes
  2. Dr. Scott Morrison demonstrating (look at “aluminum shoe”)
  3. Rusty Freeman – application steps for aluminum horseshoe (this is very complete)
  4. Vettec Adhere (urethane glue)
  5. Glue on an Aluminum Horseshoe (using acrylic glue) – Spike’s Farrier
  6. Direct Glue of Aluminum Shoe – clear YouTube video
  7. Doug Anderson (2008) re: Ed Watson’s technique (lots of acrylic glue)
  8. Glue on Aluminum Horseshoe (1998 article with pictures)
  9. Pro-Glu videos (urethane for their shoes)
  10. Photo Story – Glue on with Happy Hoofwear Horseshoes (an arduous process)