Draft Horse (Steel Plate)

Series III Universal “Glue-on” Cuff System

This is a brief pictorial example of what farrier Alex Werner of Lexington, KY did for “2700# draft horse with the Series III cuffs.

Series III universal glue-on cuff system (patent pending).
Steel heart-bar fabricated by farrier – Series III cuff will be attached to this shoe.
Two shoes built for attachment with bolts to the steel heart-bar. A pulling shoe for contests and a urethane wedge plate for everyday use.
Pulling shoe bolted to the steel heartbar before attachment of the Series III cuff.
Series III cuff glued to the steel Shoe was larger than a size 5 so the cuff had to be pieced at the toe. This was Alex’s first time using the Series III — not pretty but reliable and very effective.
Cuff assembly attached to hoof with acrylic adhesive. The urethane wedge plate is bolted to the steel heart bar in this photo.
This is a brief example of what German farrier
Alex Werner (left) of Rood & Riddle in Lexington, KY did for a 2700# draft horse with the SoundHorse Series III cuffs. Shoes were still on after 8 weeks.