Draft Horse (Alloy Plate)

Series III Universal “Glue-on” Cuff System

This is a brief pictorial example of what farrier Trevor Sutherland of Edgemont, PA did for “Harry” with the Series III cuffs.

Series III universal glue-on cuff system (patent pending).
Series III cuff attached by glue to a 5/8 inch thick machined aluminum alloy heart-bar shoe. Ready to be glued to the hoof.
Shoe “glued” to the hoof and stretch-wrapped to hold in place. No need to hold hoof while glue sets for ~ 10 minutes.
Wrap removed & hoof packed with a 2-part silicone putty mixed with granules of copper sulfate.
Finished appearance.
Finished appearance.
After 8 weeks. The shoe was left on for another 3 wks (total 11 wks). Remove, trim, reset. With new cuffs.
Shoes removed from the draft horse after 11 weeks, trimmed horse & reset shoes with another set of Series III cuffs.